Better Than Insurance: Pay Only For What Is Used

HealthRabbit charges a one-time enrolment fee that enables your business to provide heatlh, vision, and dental coverage tailored to your needs and budget with no additional charges to maintain your account, ever. After enrolment, you will only pay a percentage-based fee for claims that are processed and approved for redemption. If you have an employee that doesn't file any claims, then there is no cost associated with providing them coverage.

Regular Pricing For Funded Accounts:

Enrolment (one time fee): $99.00 for up to 100 employees with unlimited dependents.
Processing Fees: 4.9% of approved claims plus one of the following convenience charges for claims:

  • +0% for Interac e-Transfers, or;                           
  • +3% for Credit Card payments   

Funding: A percentage of your coverage is paid in advance to ensure immediate payout of claims. When the fund drops to a preset level, we will alert you so you can top up again. We'll work closely with you and your staff to find a balance that minimizes the cash held while ensuring prompt claims processing.

Regular Pricing For Scheduled Accounts:

Enrolment (one time fee): $129.00 for up to 50 employees with unlimited dependents. Additional employees: $5.00 each (one-time enrolment). 
Processing Fees: 5.9% of approved claims plus one of the following convenience charges:

  • +0% for Interac e-Transfers, or;                           
  • +3% for Credit Card payments                       

Funding: No pre-payment required. This is considered our Pay-As-You-Go plan. Claims are collected and processed over the period and your business is invoiced at a set interval (monthly or quarterly). Once you pay the invoice, the claims redemptions are paid to your employees.

Note: We are looking into Online Bill Payment as an option for sending funds.

Need Help Choosing a Funding Plan?

If you would like to learn more about our funding plans, please visit this link for details.

Pricing FAQs

Are there any annual fees or rolling carrying fees?
No. If you enrol and don't use your PHSP, you won't pay anything other than the initial enrolment fee. There's no hidden or additional fees of any kind. If you've never used the service, we'll retire the account after five years and only then would you need to re-enrol if you chose to use our service.

What fees do I pay when I, or an employee, make a claim?
The employer pays the percentage shown above on the approved portion of submitted claims. Credit card payments to HealthRabbit incur a 3% convenience charge in addition to the processing fees. Our processing fees are subject to GST/HST, however, the enrolment fees are not.

What happens to my funds if we leave HealthRabbit?
Should you ever leave HealthRabbit with a pre-funded account, any funds left in your account will be returned to you in full, usually within 10 business days. The funds kept with HealthRabbit are your business asset and are only used by us to pay out claims to you and your employees.

Do you pay interest on my pre-funded account?
No. Your funds are held by us and used to process your claims as quickly as possible. They are not reinvested and we are not a deposit-taking institution. We will work with you to adjust your funding percentage kept with HealthRabbit to ensure that claims can be paid quickly with the minimal amount of your operating capital possible.