About Us

HealthRabbit is owned and operated by the MacKay family and is based in Edmonton, Alberta. We started HealthRabbit because we believe that PHSPs can provide important benefits coverage to Canadians. We aim to serve and grow the market for managed health spending services and use our resources as we grow to strentghen public health in Canada.

We are in the ealry stages of our business and so you can expect some things to be a bit bare-bones to start, but we have plans to continually improve our service to make things more efficient for you. We'd love to hear if you had issues with something or found a process confusing. If there's a feature we should think about adding, then please speak up. You can always email hello(at)healthrabbit.ca if you have something on your mind. And of course, the more we grow, the faster we can implement new features, so if we're doing things right, please share with friends, family, and businesses you patronize!

Our Roadmap

As we onboard our first clients, we're currently focused on smoothing out the process for signing up and getting employees access to enter their claims. Our priority will always be to get claims processed quickly, but some of things on our radar:

  • Investigating other methods of payment for businesses (Pre-Authorized Debit, eTransfer, Bill Payment) - The less of your money we need to hang on to, the better. These options may offer some solutions that allow for quick claims processing wihtout ghaving to pre-fund accounts or pay the high fees of credit cards. [Update: Feb 2021 - EFT is now available for payments to Healthrabbit]
  • Claims payments - We're working with a provider that should allow for batch payment of claims directly to employee accounts. This will greatly reduce paperwork, postage, and time. [Update: Feb 2021 - We've decided not to work with the vendor we heard about due to terrible support experience. For now, we'll be using Interac e-Transfer and paper cheques. We are waiting to hear from our banking provider for more options soon]
  • Full test environment for the site - Working on creating a test environment so we can implement new features safely and without interuption on the live site. 
  • Multi-language support - French is a high priority so we can service clients in both official languages. We will continue to review other language options based on our clientele.
  • Ability to see claims status in real time in your dashboard. 
  • Additional forms for managing employer accounts.