Enrolment Fees Waived - Join HealthRabbit For Free!

In consideraton of the hardships COVID-19 has placed on many, HealthRabbit enrolment fees are currently being waived through June 2023.

This allows employers a risk free way to provide some medical, dental, and vision coverage to their staff during these times.

If you never user HealthRabbit, it won't cost you anything and we'll keep your account active for five years.

Read on to see how HealthRabbit.ca can help your business retain employees by providing a flexible benefit plan!

Enter a Claim

If your employer has completed the sign-up and you have received log in information and set your password, you are ready to start entering claims. You'll always need to log in before you can enter or view claims and clicking the button below will take you to the login page.

Any-Size Business

Incorporated Businesses or Sole Proprietors across Canada can implement a PHSP with no premiums. You pay only when a claim is submitted.


Employers are able to implement levels of coverage that work for them, ensuring your health spend is planned and manageable.


A PHSP covers more services than most health plans, allowing you and your employees to get coverage where they need it.


Employees submit directly to HealthRabbit allowing them to keep private medical information private. Claims processed within one business day.

In a Nutshell

PHSPs are a uniquely Canadian mechanism that allow your business to provide health coverage that is tailored to you. A PHSP is a Health Spending Account (HSA) allowing flexibility and cost-savings to your business over traditional insurance plans on their own.

Benefits are not a taxable benefit to your employees, become an income-offsetting expense for your business, and you only pay for what is spent. No more paying thousands of dollars a month for under-used health insurance premiums.

Enrollment is simple and you'll receive all the necessary reports to give to your accountant every year.

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